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Warning Signs

Every day we used the electrical systems in our homes, and at work. As time passes, the devices in the system age, become worn, and eventually fail, take a look at your electrical system to see if there are any warning signs like in the photos shown here.

If you’re not sure; call J. Thomas Electric to check the system and for a free estimate to make the necessary repairs.

Remember at J. Thomas Electric - We do it RIGHT the first time.

improperly spliced Romex wiring
Improperly spliced Romex wiring
exposed wiring
Exposed Romex wiring that is not allowed by the
National Electric Code
receptacle poor connections
This burned receptacle is due to poor connections
Federal Pacific circuit breaker panel
A Federal Pacific circuit breaker panel
UV weather damgaged cable
This service entrance cable’s outer covering has been
UV and weather damaged
bad fuse box
This fuse box has had numerous wiring changes and is
now a hazard
cable lightning damage
This service entrance cable was damaged by lightning
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